Consultancy & Fiscal Representation


The company provides legal, technical and accounting support to promote products in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, etc. in Romania.
The logistical operations and the quality control in the territory of the country where the product is manufactured represent key services for the textile sector and for the whole subsequent distribution network.
For quality control Eltra Logis collaborates with textile technicians distributed in the most important points in Romania, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova.

Fiscal Representation

We offer the customer the possibility to import textile materials and accessories from the extra-Community territory for manufacturing in Romania, reducing the logistical costs by up to 80%.

We guarantee safe operations and VAT recovery at the best costs.


We offer tax representation services on the Romanian territory of EU and NON-EU companies, meaning:
  -Support in carrying out customs formalities
  – Payment and VAT recovery through customs on behalf of our clients
– The relationship with the Romanian authorities on behalf of our clients
  -Fiscal and accounting consultancy regarding the way of conducting the operations on the Romanian territory

We have 9 years experience in tax representation and VAT recovery in the textile, automotive, etc. fields