Awards & Distinctions

       From on-time delivery and innovative supply chain solutions to exceptional customer service and environmental sustainability, our team has been honored with numerous awards and accolades.

       We believe that these achievements are a testament to our dedication to providing the highest level of service to our customers while making a positive impact on the world around us.

       Join us as we showcase our awards and celebrate our team’s hard work and achievements


Why we are the best

We’re competitive for our clients, but very supportive with each other. Our people love what they do, making them great to work with.

Top 1, Arges Romania

1st place in Top Size for Romania, ARGES county, domain 52: Storage and ancillary activities for transport

Year: 2019

Top 1, Arges Romania

1st place in Top Business Romania, ARGES county, domain 52: Storage and ancillary activities for transport

Year: 2018

Top 1, Arges Romania

1st place in Top 5 Businesses for Small Enterprises, ALBOTA

Year: 2018

Top 2, Arges Romania

2nd place in Top 5 Businesses for ALBOTA

Year: 2018

Our company in the Media

,,We have built a platform for hanging garments, with a capacity of over 140,000 products at the same time, with a daily picking, if necessary, a platform equipped with excellent software (warehouse management system).

Thus, we move from being a simple freight platform to a sophisticated platform, where we offer many more services; In this way, customers can do what they know best, create clothes to sell in stores, our role being to cover the unseen part, the one behind the shop window.” 

Elena Jianu (C.E.O. of Eltra Logis Cluster) for

Eltra Logis channeled its efforts towards the continuous creation and modernization of the car fleet, increasing the safety and quality of the provision, setting up a modern and operational headquarters of the company, and for the diversification of the services offered, the creation of transit deposits for general and specialized goods for warehousing. to the garments on hangers, which, cumulatively, exceed 1,000 sqm.

The goods management is carried out by a WMS system, which allows the correct and timely management of the goods transited, as well as their traceability. 

Eltra Logis fleet consists of 30 trucks (tractor heads and semi-trailers) for long distance transport, 15 vans and 10 trucks for medium and long distance transport, all with GPS monitoring, to increase the quality and safety of transport.

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