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Our Fleet

We have a modern fleet that can operate throughout Europe. Our complete fleet contains over 35 trucks, all with specialized semi-trailers for the transport of textiles on hangers, general goods and refrigerates.

All vehicles in our fleet are monitored by GPS, so we can have the best fleet management.

10 Mini-Trucks

15 Express Vans

35 Trucks

The transport activity involves the distribution of goods and products on hangers with trucks loaded exclusively or in group mode. We deliver throughout Europe (EU and non-EU countries). With approximately 20,000 deliveries per year, transport is one of the largest services offered in the textile industry in Eastern Europe and we are particularly active in the field of transport and logistics services.

In the last 2 years the company has decided to diversify its activity and has acquired a fleet of refrigerated trailers for certified transport for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Our Services

We offer original equipment manufacturers logistics solutions that cover the entire supply chain, from pick-up at supplier to line feed at the assembly plant. As a system and component supplier, you can concentrate on ...
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E-COMMERCE Electronic commerce is a sales channel whose growth has exceeded the growth of traditional commerce.Fashion and home goods are the fastest growing sectors and therefore require constant evolution in the operational processes ...
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CONSULTING SERVICES The company provides legal, technical and accounting support to promote products in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, etc. in Romania.The logistical operations and the quality control in the territory of the country where ...
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We own over 2000 m2 of storage space. We offer the possibility to store, for all related activities, your products grouped in one of our warehouses. These warehouses have the capacity to store ...
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We offer a wide range of transport services with a fleet of more than 60 trucks and vans equipped for specialized textile transport on hangers.
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