Fashion Logistics and Textile Warehouse

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– Management and handling of products following the welding campaigns in stores
– Quantitative verification and status of products marketed through retail and e-commerce channels
– Classification of products by model, size and color, as well as according to the defects reported in the quality control
– Product recovery operations: limestone, re-labeling and packaging


Eltra Logis has implemented a warehouse management system (WMS) software with which the customer can have a real-time image of all the goods transited and stored in our location.

Designing supply chain solutions tailored to the fashion industry

In a globalised and constantly changing market, we meet your complex equation: delivering on time all distribution channels in line with new collection launches, at the best cost, whilst contributing to your Corporate Social Responsibility policy. 

  • Management of international supply flows (freight forwarding) 
  • Delivery to your warehouses and points of sale
  • Reverse logistics 
  • Event Logistics for your trade fairs and shows 

Just In Time supply to your plants and warehouses

Securing and accelerating your inbound supply chain

Your production areas are more and more extended. With our facilities located in your main production countries (Asia, Europe, North Africa), our experts support you meeting all your needs with dedicated or shared solutions. 

  • Plant supply in raw materials 
  • Consolidation: storage or cross-docking, bonded storage 
  • Order preparation: packaging, labelling, kitting, co-packing  
  • International transport (freight forwarding): air freight, ocean freight, road, rail
  • End-to-end GOH (Garment On Hanger ) transport by rail: China-Europe tradelane
  • Optimisation and management of customs operations
  • Standard, urgent or at fixed date deliveries

Delivery to your points of sale

Accelerating the restocking of stores, decreasing your stock levels and optimising your transport costs

The availability of the right product, at the right time, at the right cost is strategic in the fashion industry. Our engineering teams design, implement and monitor for you the most optimised solutions. 

  • Cross-docking solutions to manage your multi-vendors supplies and consolidate orders per shop
  • Night delivery, before openings delivery or  delivery after 6 pm
  • Hanging deliveries
  • Management of transfers between shops 
  • Control tower to synchronise your orders and deliveries anf get full visibility  

Management of your returns

Accelerating the availability of your products in your secondary markets (private sales, discount stores…)

  • Removal of products from your store 
  • Consolidation solution (warehouse or cross-docking) 
  • Control, sorting, packaging, labelling and consolidation per type of distribution channel or recycling channel
  • Delivery to e-commerce warehouses, wholesalers or recycling channel. 

Logistics of your trade fairs and shows

Benefit from an expert in event logistics

Trade fairs and fashion shows are strategic for the promotion of your collection.
Based on our expertise in the management of events, we manage your event logistics wFashion Logistics and Textile Warehouseorldwide from end-to-end .


Eltra Logis has a storage capacity of 140,000 products on hangers, storage that is invoiced depending on: the type of product stored and the number of calendar days.
The price is negotiated punctually with the logistics department.


We cover all the operations necessary in the logistical administration of a business in the fashion field, from the quality control during the manufacture to the distribution and sale points, as well as all the necessary logistics from the raw material to the distribution of the product in stores. .