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Regarding the evolution of the situation generated and the official messages of the authorities, Eltra Logis SRL offers support solutions to our clients and informs you that until 05.04.2020, according to the law, we can provide a flexible program, for emergencies, of 24h. from 24h (working in small teams).

Therefore, even though some of us will work in home office, we are 100% functional and available for the needs of our clients.

We will continue the internal program of disinfection of the means of transport at the end of the route and the protective measures of the employees to prevent and keep under control the situation related to the spread of the virus.

Each employee is monitored daily, the staff uses a solution for disinfecting hands, disposable gloves and masks, and the contact surfaces are disinfected daily, because we care and think about both our colleagues, as well as clients and collaborators.

During this period we provide parking places and laundry services for those interested.

We are at the clients’ disposal for carrying out the transport and storage services, ensuring permanently guarding and monitoring (24h from 24h).

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