The e-commerce is a retail channel that has a very important expansion and growth.
The fashion and the household products are the sectors with a very important growth and that’s why they need a constant evolution in the logistics operations. Therefore, Eltra Logis has the latest technologies in order to meet the need to rationalize the online sale, whether it is made through the sales portal or through the multi-brand platforms.


The specific logistics for the online commerce:
– very precise stock management
– check of the status and of the possibility to recover the product (ironing, re-labelling, packaging, etc)
– picking (order preparation) oriented towards the small orders (little reference and articles)
– special packaging adapted to the type of product (small and of good quality)
– other services: invoicing, delivery notification, incident management
– integration of its own services within the client’s services
– services of product returns (control, communication and recovery)